Pointing the World to Jesus Christ !

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Hello, my name is Brian Haney and I am the Pastor here at Blue Ridge View Baptist Church.  My story began over two thousand years ago on a hill called Mt. Calvary.  Calvary is the place the Son of God purchased my pardon with his own blood.  When the Savior died, was buried and rose again the third day, He opened wide the doors to Heaven.  I was ten years old when the Lord saved me.  My Mother took me to Sunday School where I met a teacher named Mark Browning.  He introduced me to one Bible verse that changed everything.  It was Romans 3:23; “For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.”  God showed me I was a sinner.  I was lost and new I deserved Hell.  I’ll never forget that country preacher, Garland Odom.  He preached a few weeks later on: “The Only Way to Heaven.”  Praise God!  He preached Jesus!  He preached the Cross!  He preached to Substitutionary Blood!  He preached the Resurrection and I came forward and trusted Christ to save my soul.  I was baptized a week later.  In my teen years, God began calling me to preach.  After running scared to death a couple of years, I surrendered.  I have a beautiful wife named Jody and three wonderful children, Emily, Allyson and Noah.  God called me to Blue Ridge View in September 2020.  It is my honor to serve this wonderful church as Pastor.