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 By Statement:

    If you are saved and have been scripturally baptized in a church and your membership records are not available for transfer OR you are saved and have been baptized by immersion and are coming from another denomination.

If you feel that God has led you to Blue Ridge View Baptist Church, you may come forward during the invitation of any of our services and express your desire to the Pastor. 

 How do I become a Member? 

 By Profession of Faith and Baptism: 

If you will receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord and follow Him in baptism by immersion. 

 By Baptism from another Denomination:

    If you know in your heart that you received Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord at some point in your life and feel God has led you to our Church but have never been baptized by immersion. 

 By Transfer of Letter:

    If you are a Baptist whose membership is elsewhere and who feels God has led you to Blue Ridge View Baptist Church.