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Judy Seawright

Hello, my name is Judy Seawright.  I am married to Junior Seawright.  I have two grown sons, Travis Whitehead and Randy Whitehead and his wife, Melissa.  I have five granddaughters; Cassie-age 19, Alysha-age 18, Lilly-age 13, Amanda-age 14 and Bailey-age 12.  I love babies and children.  I worked out of my home by running an in-home day care for thirty years.  I also worked in several childcare centers.  Children are special to God, so I feel we should take special care of them.  I have attended Blue Ridge View my entire life.  This is my home church and family.  My Grandma and Grandpa, Brian and Unice Clark, were the first founders of this church.  I am amazed at where this church started, to where it is today.  God is surely in our midst.  A lot of time and people and Pastors have come and gone, but God has always been present.  I love the Lord with my whole heart, head and soul.  I trust God to lead me in everything I do.  I am not perfect and never will be.  God keeps working on me every day.  Please pray for me, my family, the preschool department and our church. 
I love you all!